We value openness. We’ve seen that if we share challenges, we optimise outcomes.”

John Cox
Managing director, VolkerStevin
John Cox

We don’t have layers and layers of management. Instead we enable our people to make swift, highly responsive decisions, just when our clients need them.”

Steve Cocliff
Managing director, VolkerRail
Steve Cocliff

We’ve aligned ourselves with our customers. We talk plainly, help them through demanding issues and find them fresh solutions. That’s why they keep working with us.”

Matt Woods,
Group commercial director
Matt Woods

Delivering with certainty is a key focus that creates success not just for our business, but for our clients and supply chain.”

Jonathan Suckling,
Director, VolkerWessels UK
Jonathan Suckling

We have a keen focus on carbon reduction and bringing value to the communities where we work, to ensure we balance the needs of the environment and society. ”

Richard Offord,
Chief operating officer, VolkerWessels UK and managing director, VolkerFitzpatrick
Richard Offord

We care about the quality of our work, winning repeat business because we’re focused on our clients. We don’t chase growth for growth’s sake.”

Naomi Connell,
Chief finance officer
Naomi Connell